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Whether you’re purchasing meals for your kid in college, your friends who just had an addition to the family, or somebody going through a little bit of recovery, a set of meals always goes a long way. You can purchase a gift card of any value, and the recipient can use it to start a meal plan subscription. Each week the subscription will pull from the credit on the card until the total sum is used up.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do gift cards work?2020-12-24T20:18:38-08:00

When you purchase a gift card, the gift card is sent to the recipient’s email along with an optional personal message from you. The recipient can then use this gift card to purchase meals until all the credit is used up from the card.

The recipient will receive an email with the gift card code and instructions to set up their account with the number of meals they would like per week and they will be able to select the meals.

How does the gift card recipient create their account?2020-12-24T20:21:37-08:00

The recipient will receive an email with the gift card code. This code is entered during checkout and the payment is drawn from the gift card.

The weekly subscription will continue to draw from the balance of the gift card until all the credit is used from the card or the recipient pauses/cancels their account.

Does the recipient need to enter credit card information?2020-12-24T20:23:39-08:00

Yes, the recipient will need to add a payment method to their subscription in addition to the gift card code.

This is so that when all the credits are used up on the gift card, the remaining balance can be covered with the recipients credit card.


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