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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FreshMeal?2020-12-19T01:09:18-08:00

Oh great another meal prep delivery company? Not quite…we are on a mission to make some changes. We’re a weekly subscription service that delivers healthy fresh meals straight to your door. We aim to make it accessible for anyone to start eating healthy never frozen meals developed with nutrition in mind and cooked by chefs.

Your mood, energy, appearance, attitude, and all around vibe are all effected by your health. And the foundation to good health is a healthy diet. We want to spread that message and make it possible for anyone to start eating healthy.

How does FreshMeal work?2020-12-19T01:09:08-08:00

FreshMeal is a weekly service and we do it all. We will cook and deliver the meals straight to your door every Sunday. We even pick up the packaging material from your previous FreshMeal delivery. Just leave it outside at your door and we will pick it up when we drop off the new meals.

Start your subscription by selecting the number of meals you want every week and select the meals from our menu. We will deliver those meals every Sunday until you pause, cancel, or modify your subscription. This can be done at any time…NO COMMITMENTS!

We change up our menu every 2-3 weeks. We will substitute any of your meals that we are rotating out with new meals. You will be notified when we do this so you will have the chance to review and modify the meals before we process the orders.

FreshMeal processes all orders on Thursday at 10PM PST to start working on sourcing ingredients and cooking your meals for delivery on Sunday. We ask that any changes to your subscription be made before we process the orders on Thursday.


Where are the meals cooked?2020-12-19T01:08:58-08:00

We are located right here in Seattle! Our commercial kitchen is located in International District near downtown Seattle. The kitchen is equipped with everything we need to produce all your healthy meals from a massive walk-in cooler to several convention ovens and gas cooktops.

Are you local to Seattle?2020-12-19T01:08:35-08:00

Yes! Not only are we local but we strongly support local businesses. We source all of our ingredients here in Seattle and make every effort to source from markets and small businesses. It’s one of our founding principles that we will always stay true to.

Being local is also our biggest advantage to other nationally distributed meal prep services. Because they have to ship their meals by plane, they are forced to package and vacuum seal their meals to survive transit. We deliver our own meals allowing us to ensure they are handled with care and delivered to your door looking like a home cooked meal.

How healthy are meals prepared by FreshMeal?2020-12-19T01:10:45-08:00

We’re so glad you asked. A core principle of FreshMeal is to ensure our meals are well balanced and healthy. When coming up with new recipes, our priority is to use nutritious fresh ingredients. We always make sure to choose the healthy carb, cook with healthy techniques, and always explore the use of different and sometimes very unique vegetables. We take pride in ensuring our meals contain healthy ingredients designed for those with active lifestyles and are health conscious. Our customers typically crush their fitness goals using our meals and we love posting their stories on our Instagram @getfreshmeal. In addition, we use locally sourced fresh natural ingredients that are never frozen!


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