How often does your menu change?

We love to give our members new meals to select from. Our chefs and nutritionists also love coming up with new recipes. We typically rotate or add new menu items every 2-3 weeks. When we do change our menu, we try to do this on a Sunday night or Monday morning. All of our members

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When do I get charged?

You do not get charged when you sign-up. You get charged every Thursday at 10PM when we begin sourcing ingredients for your scheduled meal delivery on Sunday. If you don’t have any meals scheduled for delivery on Sunday, you will not be charged that week.

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If I have allergies, how can I be sure my food is safe?

At FreshMeal, we care about the safety of our customers. All of our chefs are trained and certified in proper food handling procedures and we provide our customers with complete list of ingredients for every dish we prepare. We take food allergies very seriously. While we do our best to avoid allergen cross-contamination, our facility

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How do I store my meals?

The meals are delivered in an insulated tote bag with ice packs to ensure freshness. Store the meals you plan to eat within the next 3-5 days in your refrigerator. Store the other meals in the freezer in order to enjoy them at a later time. All of our meals come packed in microwave safe

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When will the meals get delivered to me?

Our team delivers freshly cooked healthy meals to you every Sunday. We finalize all the orders for the week by Thursday. We then begin procuring locally sourced natural ingredients for your meals. Our Chefs and culinary team personally prepare your meals and package them on Sunday before delivering them fresh to your home or office.

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How healthy are meals prepared by FreshMeal?

We're so glad you asked. A core principle of FreshMeal is to ensure our meals are well balanced and healthy. When coming up with new recipes, our priority is to use nutritious fresh ingredients. We always make sure to choose the healthy carb, cook with healthy techniques, and always explore the use of different and

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