It was a ‘I was blind but now I see’ type of situation after experiencing my first week of FreshMeal. Before FreshMeal was delivered into my life, I was struggling with not only setting aside time to meal prep but taking the time to find the proper nutrition to put in my body.

My grocery trips to the store were confusing and frustrating, not knowing what veggies, carbs, or proteins I should put into my cart.

A friend recommended Hello Fresh so what did I try next? Yup, you guessed it – Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a great company, don’t get me wrong. Like I stated earlier, the lack of time to cook was one my main problems with unhealthy eating. I needed a company that grocery shopped, cooked, and delivered my meals to me.

I know how that sounds, high maintenance, right? We all live busy lives in one way or another, don’t we?My life prohibits me from being able to get home and cook a healthy and nutritious meal every night.

By word of mouth I came across FreshMealI’m going to sound like an infomercial but it was seriously the easiest purchase I have made. I signed up online and within a few hours I was chatting with the company about what I wanted out of the meal plans and my options. That day I had FreshMeal on my front door.

That was one month ago now and I can genuinely say I will keep working with this company for my foreseeable future. My meals come in cute and reuse able packaging to my door every Tuesday followed up with a text message to let me know they arrived safely.

After my first meal of citrus brown rice, squash medley, and lemon chicken – I was hooked. Not only were my meals delicious but they were making me feel better! My energy, my sleep, and my body have all been different since I joined FreshMeal. I’ve lost inches and pounds!!

If you have questions, FreshMeal has answers. If you have needs, FreshMeal delivers them to you (literally)! Do yourself a huge favor and email